Understanding & Overcoming Conflict

Everyone experiences conflict occasionally, even adults. Conflict itself is not bad, but some ways of handling conflict can be problematic.

"Seek first to understand then to be understood."

Steven R. Covey

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    We've graduated over 50 youth and counting from our Computer Recycling Program. We've also dstributed over 200 computers to individuals, oganizations, community centers and churches.


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Non Violent Conflict Resolution

Over the years I've attended many different seminars on the subject of Non Violent Conflict Resolution. During this time one very interesting presenter opened the meeting with to two very thought provoking question. 

“How many of you have ever been hit in any physical way anytime in your life by a total stranger?” A small amount of hands went up.

He then asked “how many of you have ever been hit in any physical way anytime in your life by someone you know or even by a member of your family? Almost all the hands went up. 

He went on to say, “most of us are conditioned to fear the street criminal, even though for many people there is more to fear walking in the house at night than walking out.

Conflict Resolution For Kids

There is an increasing concern about the level of violence in our schools and local community.  This concern has prompted us to develop a non violence conflict resolution program for schools. A program we designed to be both adaptable and time effective for schools and students alike.

Wherefor, my beloved bretheren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

  • JAMES 1:19

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Computer Kids Camp

12 lucky students from Mobile County were selected to participate in Fathers iNC. 1st Annual Computer Kids Camp the summer of 2008. What they learned...

Rewarding Readers

We have donated over 30 bicycles during the last 5 school terms, rewarding students for successfully read and reported on 10 are more books during the first semester.